April 30th, 2022
12.00 - 16.00 AEST (GMT+10)

EdHeroes Forum :
Australia + Indonesia Chapter
Strive and Revive, from Local to Global Perspectives
About EdHeroes Forum : Australia + Indonesia Chapter
EdHeroes Forum : Australia + Indonesia Chapter aims to bring together parents, educator practitioners, edupreneurs, stakeholders, students, activists, and philanthropists to discuss our focus theme "Strive and Revive, from Local to Global Perspectives".
EdHeroes Manifesto
The EdHeroes movement unites people who believe that education should be centered on the needs of the family.

Our mission is to provide support to families all over the world in their journey to success and prosperity by giving them access to a quality education. At the same time, the family's main goal is to bring up an autonomous, capable, and happy individual.

Due to the pandemic and the forced transition to distance learning for everyone connected with education, we have had to deal with some unprecedented challenges. The family has become the main platform for educating and bringing up a child. The EdHeroes movement emerged in response to global uncertainty. It embodies the idea that education should be centered around the interests of the family.

We invited speakers from policymakers, thought leaders, educators, and education reformers to talk about the future of education in Australia and Asia
Airlangga Hartarto
Coordinating Minister of Economic Affiars of Republic of Indonesia
Cecilia Vaca Jones
Executive Director of Bernard van Leer Foundation
Harold Lucero 
Director - Regulatory, Fintech, DAO/DeFi Innovation 
Finella Ayi Adelina
Founder of Gamaliel Kids Development Center (Education and Therapy Center for Special Needs Children)
Sydney Conroy
Ph.D Student at Cambridge University, Play Therapist, and Writer
Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi
Founder e.o CEO ASEC (Asian Sustainable Environment Centre)
Junjun Muhamad Ramdani
Ph.D. Candidate at School of Education University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Vice President External of PPIA Australia
Davrina Rianda
Founder Lab Pintar and Researcher HNRC-IMERI FK UI
Özlem Dönmez 
PhD Student at Marmara University, Early Childhood Education Department, Istanbul and Research Assistant at Maltepe University 
Magiana Ignasia
Puteri Indonesia Kalimantan Timur 2022
Erina S Gudono
Puteri Indonesia DI Yogyakarta 2022
Chrissy Fransisca O. Rugian
Puteri Indonesia Banten 1 2022
Bayan Yazdani
2020 New Colombo Plan Scholar
EdHeroes Partners
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EdHeroes Forum: Australia + Indonesia Chapter
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Saturday, April 30th, 2022
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